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Paper accepted for publication

Our paper, “Deterministic Broadcasting and Random Linear Network Coding in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks”, has been accepted for publication in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.


Network coding has been successfully used in the past for efficient broadcasting in wireless multi-hop networks. Two coding approaches are suitable for mobile networks; Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC) and XOR-based coding. In this work, we focus on the problem of multiple source broadcasting in mobile ad hoc networks. We make the observation that RLNC provides increased resilience to packet losses compared to XOR-based coding. We develop an analytical model that justifies our intuition. However, the model also reveals that combining RLNC with probabilistic forwarding, which is the approach taken in the literature, may significantly impact RLNC’s performance. Therefore, we take the novel approach to combine RLNC with a deterministic broadcasting algorithm in order to prune transmissions. More specifically, we propose a Connected Dominating Set (CDS) based algorithm that works in synergy with RLNC on the “packet generation level”. Since managing packet generations is a key issue in RLNC, we propose a distributed scheme, which is also suitable for mobile environments and does not compromise the coding efficiency. We show that the proposed algorithm outperforms XOR-based as well as RLNC-based schemes even when global knowledge is used for managing packet generations.