Adyton: A Network Simulator for Opportunistic Networks

Adyton is an event-driven network simulator, written in C++, for Opportunistic Networks (a.k.a. Delay-Tolerant Networks) that is capable of processing contact traces. The Adyton simulator supports a plethora of routing protocols and real-world contact traces, while also providing several congestion control mechanisms and buffer management policies.

Adyton was developed by Nikolaos Papanikos and Dimitrios-Georgios Akestoridis during their graduate studies in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of Ioannina, Greece under the supervision of Prof. Evangelos Papapetrou.

Adyton was a restricted area within Ancient Greek temples, where oracles and priests gave their oracular responses.

The source code is publicly available under GPLv3 via GitHub and CRAWDAD.

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